Grizbut had a sense she was being watched so spun around quickly to catch the person unaware. Which she did, but it wasn’t a person she spotted. It was a majestic purple eagle perched high in a tree. Grizbut had seen it before.

For as long as she could remember, the eagle would occasionally appear and watch over her from a distance. She’d even seen it fight other creatures, some quite strange. She didn’t know why, but this great bird made her feel safer. But it only appeared when she was in some sort of danger or crisis. Grizbut wondered what it could be as the bird flew off.

“Hey girls,” Hannigar said to Grizbut and Lunii, “Morris the mystic is back in town.” “Wow,” said Grizbut, “I was thinking about him last night. How is he?” Hannigar’s face revealed mixed emotions. “He’s still a spiritual fanatic who walks everywhere barefoot, which explains the hardened skin under his feet. But he now looks quite frail, which has been caused by a very poor diet. His diet’s also given him constant bad breath, which has left him quite annoyed. Apart from that,” Hannigar paused as she reflected, “I think he’s doing all right.”

Grizbut was glad to learn about Morris. She would give Nero an update about Morris next time she saw him, as Nero and him were old friends. Grizbut smiled to herself as she wondered how Nero would react, when he learned Morris the mystic was now a by .*

* I hope you’ve seen The Sound of Music