Mid-morning, Grizbut went for a jog. Half-way through her run, Grizbut came across a ruckus. She asked Monoe, the patrol chief, what was going on. “These guys are jesters called The Three Stewgies. We found them alone with cards and money. The charge is public gambling, though we didn’t actually see them in the act.” Grizbut addressed The Three Stewgies. “What do you have to say?” The trio started to argue among themselves, totally ignoring the Wise One. “I’ll do the talking, Moeicus,” said Curlicus. “You ain’t smart enough, knucklehead,” replied Moeicus, as he stomped on his pal’s toe. “Don’t do that to him!” said Lareecus. “Yeah,” said Moeicus. “Yeah!” repeated Lareecus defiantly. Moeicus grabbed Lareecus by the nose and twisted it hard, causing Lareecus to squeal. But as he did it, Curlicus sneaked up behind Moeicus and administered a wedgie. Moeicus’s eyes watered as his underpants were stretched over his head. Grizbut and the patrol burst out laughing.

The trio continued to fight, still ignoring the Wise One. Grizbut noted the disrespect. “Shall we punish them, Oh Wise One?” asked Monoe smiling. Before Grizbut could answer, Curlicus whipped a dead fish out of his pants, and slapped Moeicus with it. Moeicus fell over, and everyone laughed harder. Even the fish seemed to smile. Eventually Grizbut was able to stop laughing and catch her breath. “Monoe, these guys are funny, so we’ll go easy on them.” She paused and added, “So as punishment, just one of them.”