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Today was the first day of the Golympicus Games, and it was devoted to archery and swimming. As Grizbut was the chief official, she was one of the first to the pool. The opening race was a hundred-meter freestyle event featuring the best of the best from each tribe, though interestingly, the eighth contestant was a head called Barry. Barry wasn’t expected to win.

Grizbut blew the whistle, and the competitors dived into the water. They all raced away, and as expected, Barry went straight to the bottom. Soon an Amazonian took the lead and went on to win the race. Grizbut immediately ordered a lifeguard to lift Barry from the bottom of the pool. Emerging, Barry began to splutter and cough up water. When he finally spoke, he was furious. He shouted, “For three years, for three years, I have trained and learned to swim with my ears. Then what happens?”  He shook with anger.
“Ten seconds before the race, some idiot puts a on me!”

Grizbut immediately ordered a re-run of the race and Barry won. The second place-getter was furious — she had been beaten by a .