Book Testimonials

“I really enjoyed this book.
The story of Grizbut and the Amazonians is fast paced, funny and really got me in.
It has a very well constructed crossword that will challenge most adults while still accessible to kids, with a little help.
A great concept and great fun!
Two thumbs up from me.”

Steve Hughes

“I recently gave my niece your book, (she is 10) and she could not keep it down.”

Diane Falzon

“Have really enjoyed Wagwords. Both challenging & entertaining. Kept me busy with a smile for many hours.”

Noel Montgomery

“I gave it to my parents, they loved it.”

Kelvin Montgomery

My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed your book Wagwords. We had numerous days and nights together trying to solve the puzzles and enjoyed many laughs together which Wagwords provided. It certainly tickled our funny bones. Loved Grizbut and the many characters and the drawings itself in the book are quite entertaining and funny, unlike many crossword puzzle books this is a book that once you start you cannot put down and it certainly gets you hooked in and proudly sits on our bedside table, although challenging at times we believe its a must read for all age groups as it provides humor and entertainment and would recommend it to anybody. We hope you enjoy success with this book as we thoroughly enjoyed it.”

Kylie Anderson

“Not your average puzzle or quiz book but a challenging, humorous walk on the other side. It was challenging, out there and different. Give it some space on your coffee table and I’m sure you will not be disappointed. A must for a long haul flight.”

Vickie Linaker

“I didn’t expect it, but I had some laugh out loud moments. Fantastic.”

Jesse Ramz

“I have always enjoyed reading and love the challenge of a good crossword. When I received Grizbut and the Amazonians as a gift recently, I was so excited to sink my teeth into a book had the best of both worlds – a witty story and a fun crossword. Hoping I would save the book for my next caravan trip, I couldn’t resist the urge to crack open the book. Before you know it, I was so engrossed by the story and the puzzle, I could not put it down. I would highly recommend this book for lovers of a good yarn and a challenging crossword. A great gift for all ages – especially for old folk like me who don’t need another pair of socks. Trust me, fellow dads would rather get this book.”


“Our family has become huge fans of Wagwords! We recently received copies of this wonderful book to trial and review and our children aged 9 up to 13 have been having a ball working out the crossword, going through the story and getting the clues. It certainly kept them busy over school holidays! I wish I had discovered Wagwords sooner!”

“Even my husband wants to grab a copy and have a go! Being avid readers in our house and with a few of our kids interested in puzzles, this has been the perfect solution to boredom! This book would make a great holiday or travel companion! ”

“It’s easy to see why it took so long to create this masterpiece! It’s just brilliant! There’s certainly nothing else like it on the market and not only is it original, it’s heaps of fun to do!”

Michelle Hayward
‘We’re Absolutely Whyaard’

“Draws you in far more than just a crossword, with just enough comedy to make me laugh. Good on a winters day to stay next to the fire and stay mentally stimulated. Where’s the kids version?”

Harry Fischer

“With 3 girls (ages 8, 10 & 12), we’re always looking for different books, puzzles & things to keep them occupied.
Our 10 year old is especially into reading, puzzles & spelling, so she’s taken over the Grizbut book & absolutely loves it!
It’s a great story, & the way the puzzle works is different to any others we’ve seen before, very well done!”

Sheona MacKenzie

“Grizbut and the Amazonians – great story. Who would have thought you could be educated while being entertained.”

David Hayes

“What a great way to learn…put a hilarious story together with a word puzzle and you have created a fantastic formula for education. Well done with this concept, it had us laughing quite a bit and I’m sure it will bring many a smile to many people.”

Terry Thaller

“For those with a perchance for Crosswords, Literature, and Humour this will both absorb and entertain any reader. Congratulations to Mr. Redhead for his foray into an unexplored and unique genre. Jan and I enjoyed this challenge immensely and are looking forward to your next publication.”

Ian & Jan Archibald

“Both smart and witty, a breath of fresh air ”

Nerelle Hearne

“I’m blown away — what a great and fun concept. You’ve produced a standout book with a few novel twists. Well done. I shall be waiting for your next effort.”

Greg Williams